SCCT Improves Operational Efficiency

News January 10, 2018

SCCT Achieves Higher Operational Efficiency through Navis Expert Decking Tuning


SCCT successfully improved yard and quay operational efficiencies through further tuning Navis N4 Expert Decking Module.

Tuning was done through a CI project in Operations to further optimize container locations in yard based on containers “Dwell time profile” within N4 “Generic” yard strategy.

The project positively impacted “trucks laden traveling distance/move” that was the project primary metric.

Transshipment Containers were profiled according to their dwell time into classes and allocated in yard lanes nearer to berth the less their dwell time.

Now trucks traffic location is dynamically attached to container locations as per their dwell time, to have trucks operate as near as possible to berth to serve quay cranes, building on container dwell profile on hand.

Solution was piloted first and upon success was rolled out in the whole yard taking about 20 weeks to for full yard roll out.


The successful implementation has led to reduction in “truck laden distance/move” by 10.8 %.

Reduced truck travel distance/move has led to, trucks being more available at both QCs and RTGs, leading to improved productivity at both QCs and RTGs, and also improved TT productivity.

The project has opened an opportunity to reduce both RTG and Truck deployment while maintaining QC productivity necessary to handle volume at hand.

Reduced deployments for RTGs and Trucks have led to several cost efficacies in terms of reduced equipment running hour M&R cost/move, Fuel cost/move, and reduced Man-Hour cost/Move (reduced truck gangs outsourced).

SCCT CI pipeline captures a long term plan for further Expert Decking and Prime Route Tuning in a quest to continuously improve operational and cost efficacies in the terminal.

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