2021 PTI Newly Hired Batch

News April 7, 2021

Did you know that SCCT has trained 900+ fresh graduates via its apprenticeship program, with 350+ employed!

In 2013, SCCT started its collaboration with the Arab Academy for Science, Technology & Maritime Transportation (AAST) to initiate its one-year apprenticeship program implemented by their Port Training Institute (PTI). The program trains a batch of more than one hundred fresh graduates along one year in all departments of SCCT providing them with an exciting training opportunity and multinational workplace experience.
The training program provides technical skills through practical hands-on part and a soft skills through the theoretical one .

The scope of the program covers all SCCT departments including :
1. Operating Heavy Equipment, Vessels charge, discharge and planning.
2. Heavy Equipment Maintenance
3. Terminal Safety, Health, and Environmental Operations
4. (HR, Finance, Logistics, Procurement)
SCCT is committed to providing the best in class service and is working closely to help the advancement of the economy.

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